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At a time when the world is living in an all-digital age, acoustic music concepts are experiencing unprecedented success on social networks.

In the light of successes such as « Colors » on Youtube, « NPR Music« , or Mouv’s « Hip-Hop Symphonic », RECSOUND wants to become the musical reference in terms of original acoustic live music.

RECSOUND is a musical concept with a unique aesthetic, where urban universe mixes with classy and groovy environment, featuring artists from all over the world on social networks.

The strength of the concept is in its marked visual universe. Each artist is highlighted in an original setting, a classy and sober style.

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A theatrical style installation, with a grand opening of the stage by a red velvet curtain, wood effect panels framing the « stage », carpets on the floor… a warm and intimate atmosphere.

The videos always start with the same camera shot, a slow and elegant tracking shot, then the large red velvet theatre curtain falls to the floor. We discover the artist in front of the stage, in the background the musicians. All are immersed in a graphic and singular visual universe.

The editing of the videos alternates between different camera angles, close-ups on the artists, wide shots.

Musical formation : Artist + Musicians

Musicians base : 1 bass player, 1 drummer, 1 guitar player, 1 keyboard player (This base is flexible and can be modified according to the guests).

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