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RECSOUND is a unique musical concept with a distinct aesthetic that blends an urban atmosphere with a classy and groovy environment, showcasing artists from around the world on social media.

The strength of the concept lies in its striking visual universe. Each artist is showcased in an original LIVE, with a classy and understated style.

With a majestic drop of a ruby red velvet curtain, there is a contrast between the artist dressed in colorful streetwear/urban attire, the musicians in suits and ties, lighting effects, and smoke. Every detail is carefully thought out to create an instantly recognizable visual identity.

Filmed in the beautiful studio of Abbey Road Institute Paris, RECSOUND welcomes performers from all around the world.

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RECSOUND is really focus on giving another dimension to each songs played by the artists. The musical director readapt/remaster the original songs in the best acoustic way working with the most brillant musicians in town.

Musicians formation with the artist: 1 bass player, 1 drummer, 1 guitar player, 1 keyboard player*

(*This base is flexible and can be modified according to the guests).

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